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[sticky post]Welcome to My Livejournal
yama wait me^^
Welcome to my livejournal

About my journal, i just shared something about my fandomness but sometimes i jcan post about my recently news
and alot to use Inggris rather than my mother language. lol

I will Introduce myself first. My name is Moli-chan / Mori-chan but usually LJ user called me Ai-chan XD I am female and 20+ years old XD I live in Indonesia, proud to be Indonesian because so many culture. I already graduated as Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine in 2013 and now taking the profession study till end of 2014. Be fans of Hey!Say!JUMP (my big fandom) since end of 2009 :')) i like other groups such as NYC, B.I.Shadow, KAT-TUN, Sexy Zone and Arashi. My lovely ichiban are Yamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Kento, Kamenashi Kazuya.
I have blog named JUMPDAISUKI, you can check the link beside of this post ---->

NOW, for ALL my FRIENDS and who wants to BE MY FRIEND
Please Introduce Yourself by COMMENT on THIS POST first
so i can know you better ^__^

You can write about  your

Name :
Age :
Country :

Gender :
Fandom n Ichiban :
and How did you find my journal? :

Hope we can be a true friend ^______^
Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~~

Name: Satoshi
Age: 15
Gender: Girl ^^
Hobby: surfing the web, listening to music...
Fandom: JE (Hey!Say!JUMP, Arashi), Tenimyu, AMUSE.Inc, D-BOYS...
Ichiban: Chinen Yuri :x

doumo, the way,where do you live?
ah, i like AMUSE boys too :D
who is your favourite?

Name: Vai
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Fandom: Hey! Say! JUMP

by the way,where do you live? love YamaChii pairing?

Name : Sakuno aka Shu
Age : 15
Country : Vietnam
Gender : M.. Ah~ Female LOL
Fandom : SHOGO ♥, Tenimyu, JUMP, Amuse, Tenipuri, D-boys,....
and How did you find my journal?
Because you're in my f-list xDDD

Still do it even we're already friends xD

LOL.because i ask you to fill it XD
thanks for comment :D
and i love SHOGO too XD

Name : Jeanesse
Age : 17
Country : United States
Gender : Female
Fandom : Johnny Entertainment [HSJ, Arashi, NEWS, and Kat-Tun and etc.] Also, Love super Junior
and How did you find my journal? : I was looking up hsj icons, and I came across urs and i like your page, so i added you. :D

doumo,jean^^ like my icons?

Name : K
Age : 22
Country : Philippines
Gender : Female
Fandom : HSJ, NewS, more JE.
and How did you find my journal? : you added me and i gladly added you back. yoroshiku! ;)

yoroshiku mo
thank you,K :D
many JUMP fans are from Philliphine ne?

a~~~i lyk tat ryosuke pic~~~
hehe....izzit ok if i save~~XD
n thank for accept my frenz request oo~~

its ok. you can save it and you are welcome :)
but please make an introduction here
because i ask you

(Deleted comment)
hahah...thanks for replied this post X)
Suka J-rock?

(Deleted comment)
i am AudCline yet you can simply call me den-chan if you want too...hehe~ 17 from philippines,female,i love hey say jump so much and i am a big fan of ryosuke yamada...and an avid fan of yamachii...i found your journal from an entry in one of my leave comment in teir and yes that's it...hope to get along well with you!

Hi,audcline *can i call you au-chan?
another Firipinjin^^
aahh..i see your friend is YamaChii fans too?

Name :eusyll
Age :16
Gender :female
Fandom :JE(heysayjump,arashi,news,kattun,kanjani8,V6, NYC,NYCboys,Bishadow,heysaybest,heysay7,heysay7west...jjexpress,yayayah......ahhh all of them i really really like...there are some more Je groups but i will not write it cuz they are so many hahahha.....
how did you find my journal? : cute...cuz theirs a picture of ryosuke

anyway...its your birthday....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

yeah...I love JE boys soo much =3
so many JE fans in Philiphinne ne?

ah, Thank you XDD

Name : Kaew
Age : 24
Country : Thailand
Gender : Female
Fandom : HSJ
and How did you find my journal? : umm i found your LJ in someone's LJ's comment ^^" I can't remember,, sorry ^^

ah,i see
thanks for give a comment here
Thailand has many JUMP's fan?

(Deleted comment)
thanks for your answer

you are still young
how did you learn nihongo?

(Deleted comment)
hi, kayaknya pernah liat di forum ato di FB nih

Name : Felicia
Age : 13
Country : Indonesia
Gender : Female
Fandom : HSJ, KAT-TUN, dan fandom anime yang banyak X3
and How did you find my journal? : liat profil temen :)

add back ya kak ^^

your icon *--*

haha..kayaknya kita temenan deh
q jg anak Ljump kok

sip. udah kuadded back
thx for your visit^^

Hi, i`m julz from Australia!Nice to meet you!I luv HSJ especially Chinen and Yamada!

thanks for reply it.
Ah..then your ichiban is Chinen Yuri?

Hello! I'm Leigh, 26 yrs old from the Philippines.

I'm a fangirl of Yamada Ryosuke, Hey Say Jump, NYC, KATTUN, NEWS, Tackey and Tsubasa, Toma Ikuta, Uchi Hiroki and Haruma Miura. :)

But my ichiban is Yama-chan. ^_^

How did you find your journal? I am actually looking for Yamada Ryosuke biased journals. And with your cool pictures above, i think i'm home. :)

OH!thanks for add me^^
i have added you back :D

yes. iam biased on Yamada Ryosuke much XDD
and i love YamaChii pairing
which pairing that you like?

my journal is rather unorganized now because iam busy with college thingy

Name : Jenny~
Age : 14
Country : Canada
Gender : Female
Fandom : HSJ, Momusu, and Super Junior
and How did you find my journal? : Hm... I was looking through the com. ichibanojump and found out that we both like Ryosuke! haha

nice to meet you!!

thanks for reply this post^^
ah..and you like YamaJima pairing ne?

Name : Thita
Age : 20++
Country : Indonesia
Gender : Girl
Fandom :JE (I love Sho-kun but also love Yama-chan, Pi, Kame, and Tsubasa) I can't choose who ichiban
How did you find my journal? : Hsj_indonesia community
Nice to meet you (.^_^.)

hi, thita~ *seems like i have known you before?
thanks for your comment :)
ah..i like Kamenashi and Pi too
have you join here?

nice to meet you too

(Deleted comment)
ah..teremakashi sudah komen di sini dan addnya
akan q add ballik^^
mm..apakah qta temenan sebelumnya di fb? *g inget XD

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Name: Hadasa Charisa Desy Rihardini
Age: 22
Gender: female
Country: Indonesia, SMG
Fandom: Yamada & Chinen, Suju, TVXQ(sayang udh bubar, sih), HSJ, NYC Boys.
how did i find your journal: aku jelajah sendiri soalnya aku baru aja bwt journal ^v^... sorry g keberatan kan? thank you...

wah..nama yg panjang^^
Semarang y..aku di jogja
panggilannya ap nih? neechan?
suka pairing YamaChii jg kah? X)

thank u for add me back XDD
name: zye
age: 22
Country: Malaysia
Fandom: i love HSJ and yamada ryosuke is my ichiban..
glad to make friends with u XD..

thanks for reply this post^^
and sorry for late reply (too late XDDD)
we have same ichiban!
ne..which pairing that you like the most?

Name : Melyana desu~~~
Age : chii's age + 1 (we're bborn in the same date ^^)
Country : Indonesia
Gender : F
Fandom : HSJ, Arashi (Love Ninomiya-kun <33), and KAT-TUN
and How did you find my journal? : I found your journal when I see your introduction in Ivana's journal...

Yoroshiku, Moli-chan~~~
I wonder if you're the same Moli whom I know in Facebook..???

aa...i know you^^ and you know me too
you are the person that recently commment on my Profile Picture (yamada with glasses) XD
yoroshiku mo~~
then..which pairing in HSJ do you like most? *curious

Name : Nicole (you can call me Nika-chan <3)
Age : 13 will be 14 on the 5th may!!!!
Country : England (even though im portuguese ive been here for 2 years and a half
Gender : female!!!!
Fandom : JE (Hey Say JUMP, NYC, ARASHI, NEWS, KAT-TUN....)
and How did you find my journal? : through a comment i probably commented on soemthing and i clicked on it to see your journal lol
Ichiban: Yamada Ryosuke <333333
Fav pairing: Yamachii <333
hmm what else can i add?
ahhh hobbies: Drawing, used to surf not anymore to watch it though, dancing, singing, hanging out with friends.
Languages i speak: Portuguese, spanish, italian, french, english and learning japanese
Warnings: I'm a bit crazy sometimes!!! lol, but im friendly!!! and I'm a japanese lover!!

thanks for your long comment XD
you are so young *envy
england? that would be same with Keito nah?

and you love YamaChii too <3333

Name : Yann
Age : 15
Country : Philippines
Gender : Female
Fandom : HSJ, Arashi, NEWS....etc...
and How did you find my journal? : im kinda new here in LJ, adding some HSJ ppl and i found your journal, so i added you~ ^_^

hi, Yann-san :D
thanks for add me. i will added you back are so young *envy X)
are you new in HSJ fandom?

Hei Moli! remember me? :D
Well maybe better if I said my name at my Facebook account : Caroline Lee hehe ^^

Name : miNt
Age : 18
Country : Indonesia
Gender : Female
Fandom : Hey! Say! JUMP, NYC, B.I.Shadow, NEWS, Arashi
and How did you find my journal? : I ask you personally X3

hi! i remember you of course :D
gomen late reply XD such a busy day recently

Name : Audia [you can call me akuma^^]
Age : now 16
Country : Indonesia
Gender : Female
Fandom : Hey!Say!JUMP and some of other JE artist
and How did you find my journal? : i'm actually forgot it... sorry~^^"

even if it's too fast, but i just want to say...
wish you all the best^^

uwaaa...thanks for birthday greeting^^
nice to meet you Audia-san^^ *seems i know you from somewhere XD

Name : Ali
Age : 19
Country : Indonesia
Gender : Male
Fandom : in Jpop I like HSJ, NYC
and How did you find my journal? : from tomo-roses LJ :)

yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

Hoo...from Indonesia and you are a fanboy of them
Who is ur ichiban?


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